sheet Material


Hourly cost management, counter, kilometers, etc. …
Management of repair orders and internal / external locations
Internal / external billing

Planning equipment


Planning materials on construction sites

Equipment management

  • External locations managment
  • Internal locations management
  • Workshop management

Multi company, agencies and deposits. Tiamp Management manages Equipment all the information that may need your hardware service. Easy to use and completely customizable like the rest of Tiamp, it fits easily to your requirements.

Equipment Sheet

– Change meter management – Customizable specifications by category (type of engine, power, width etc.…) – Various statistics and graphs occupancy, break even, etc. … – Hardware health record - Required clearances management

– Materials management or related accessories and related costs (transport, fuel package, …) – Management rate for hire, and provider's rates for external hardware (Multiple units by, time, day, ½ day, …) – Allocation of equipment by agency and / or institution and location .

Workshop management

Breakdown of all costs or profits relating to the machine. Interview historics, operating account by vehicle, Customizable dashboards. Through to the WorkFlow , planning of interventions over time and automatically returns per user (500h review, emptying, brakes, etc.…).

Repair order

Management and monitoring of repair orders, technical and financial (consideration of the cost of parts and labor.). Related to purchase component, supplies needed for repairs are established quickly. Automatic generation of repair orders for planned interventions – Entering budgets by repair - Entering the worked hours and cost analysis of labor for each repair – Automatic feed of intervention historics for each material through the book material health - Maintenance management performed by an external party.

Management of parts inventory

Parts used by the workshop are listed in the Tiamp Stock Management component and can be organized as a catalog. It is possible to grab a piece from the stock with automatic movement thereof or order directly from a supplier.

The rental

The internal - external rentals management and external services (external client). Direct input of rental orders, from the schedule, displaying of availabilities of each of your hardware.


Failure - Reservation - Builder - Customer – Planning by category of equipment – Selecting the display period and the time scale – Direct input from the planning parameters rental (duration, rates, …), with automatic generation of rental – Real-time visualization of failures, bad weather, reservation, Location - Equipment transfer - Rules of customizable management - Multiple editions of planning - Edition of the waybill.


Internal, external or customer service-type. Automatic generation upon confirmation of hardware returns.. Internal billing can be established for another institution or charged directly on a building site.

Key Features

Supplies management – Materials managed in number – Multiple returns – Dates and times of departure and return, planned and actual – Management of sub-equipment (subdivision equipment, accessories, godets, consumables, …) – Power meter by good return – Billing time and attendance or the time spent – Managing multiple units (days ago, hours, month, working day, calendar days, …) Registration interruptions (stops, Troubleshooting) on a particular hardware or on a contract – Management of pre-billing – Billing transport, Programmable fuel packages – Multiple periodic billing (leasing) – Ventilation automatic accounting or export to market revenues – Consultation detailed historical – Fully configurable Editions.