EDM allows the management of all your documents (Excel, Word, Photographic, PDF, Plans, Internet links, etc. …)

Present in all modules Tiamp, EDM allows you to simply combine all your documents (data sheet of material, photocopy of driver's license for a driver, photocopy of an accident report for a disaster, Letter to a lease, etc. …) to all types of information in Tiamp (customer, supplier, salaried, equipment, worksite, resource, Accountant Account, etc. …).

Registration is quick and easy. Just make the choice of the name of the document, the description, keywords for the indexing search, the nature of the document and choose File.

Tiamp document registration

Any edition generated in the software (quotation, procurement, delivery, disbursed, schedule, site assessment, etc …) can be directly archived in the folder or saved in html format. Html files can then be opened in the main office tools such as Word ® or Excel ®.

Document searching

There are several types of research based on known informations for a given document. It is possible to search by keyword, by author, by Version, name, by date, inherently document, etc ….

Increase productivity by creating document templates

You can build templates to facilitate, for example, the answer to your tender, Automatic fill your DC4, DC5, DICT or manage dunning.

Management of access

For each user is assigned a read right, modification or removal the documents . Advanced settings allow you to assign more specific rights.

The business portal

All documents, registered is prioritized automatically in the base, is visible through the portal business. A picture of a market place each of your users access (according to their rights) to the available information. Each user is assigned a personal space where it can manage its own documents.

Key Features

Supporting documents of all kinds - Association to any type of information in Tiamp - Automatic Document Organization – Multi-criteria search - Automatic Constitution documentaries bundles - Direct recording editions in Tiamp - Processing of documents in the office software - setting access profiles - Alert Management with document generation Automatic - Automatic filling of documents - Logging .