Situation de travaux


Report of a work situation. These types of reports can be customized at your request.

Tiamp allows establishing work situations, or from the decomposition of the commercial study Tiamp, in %, quantity and / or cumulatively, or from an external source. You can also enter a summary invoice. Once the invoice is done, all information is available in the budget control and site management regulations.

Tiamp retains historical situations from the first position until the final general account.

Before the Agreed Final, it is possible to release a draft statement.

TIAMP's WorkFlow allows the state management (envoy, notified, accepted by the customer, etc.…). With WorkFlow; it is possible to inform an alert from the minutes of receipt in order to provide the user with a lifting bail labor demand or automatically generate a payment request letter from the holdback.

Key Features

Managing multi VAT - VAT management on collection - WorkFlow on validation of the situation - claim Memory Management - Alert date PV - Global or Location details - endorsements Management - TS - Automatic generation of scripts in Tiamp Accounting - , sureties - Real-time visualization of the rest to charge - Billing Schedule - Multi-currency - Custom Editions - Detail of receipts and disbursements - Aging - Sales Journal - Associated with Equipment Module, invoice management rental.