Structure of a study


Using libraries Securities, Structures, Resources to form the project lineage


Application of the same sales and overheads on project. Breakdown of construction costs.

Leaf sales



Example entry grid Quote



Les demandes de prix sont créées soit depuis l’étude à partir de l’approvisionnement du devis soit depuis le chantier au premier stade de la chaîne achat.
La grille de saisie permet la création simplifiée de la demande de prix sans ressaisies supplémentaires d’informations. Les demandes de prix destinées aux fournisseurs sont susceptibles d’être imprimées, envoyées par mail au format PDF ou encore exportées sous Excel.

Demande de prix


La saisie des retours demandes des demandes de prix alimente automatiquement la base tarif de Tiamp. Ces tarifs, stockés, pourront alors être ré utilisés à l’occasion.

Comprehensive and easy to use, Tiamp "Estimating" is part of the rest of our solution. Associated with the Project Management Tiamp, it can integrate your offer in the heart of your business.

Whether you need to develop a complex study or simply encrypt a small yard, you have at your disposal a range of tools to meet your needs.

The body of Estimating is divided into Title, Activities and Resources.

Each stage can be associated several sub-phases. To make your budget you can, use the floating library, call the set of elements (Title, Activities and Resources) by "Drag and drop". It is also possible to retrieve items from an existing or external Estimating Tiamp Software.

Example of a simplified Estimating :

To facilitate the quantification of small sites (or additional work), Tiamp allows enter a disbursement from scheduling automatic.

Opportunity to estimate a particular price :

In some trades, such as Public Works, it is necessary to calculate yields. Specific to this type of analysis capabilities are available in Tiamp (management rates, consideration of formulas through foisonnements, management quantities days, unit amount or total amount reasoning, etc.…)

Turn your Estimating into a commercial offer :

Once you have spent studying, you can create a different commercial offer, its presentation, Study price. You can hide parts of the study, rename some, impose selling prices, etc.. It is to build a real offer often different from the study of price.

The application of coefficients sales and overheads :

Optimize your margins by simulations breakdowns of coefficients directly from the sales sheet. The sale sheet is fully customizable to fit your needs.

Quote of the Site :

Once the quote is won, it is possible to simply turn starts. All information can then be communicated to site (spent executing, contacts, turnover of project, etc.…). Even if a study is conducted against-starts, it is thus easier to carry out comparative (by tasks, by analytic families) between what was sold and this has been achieved (or budgeted in execution).

Key Features

A management or more base library – Customizable Screens – Search quotes by editor, customer, according to the state, etc.… – Automatic import external DQE – Management of multi-vendor resources – Opportunity to study several positions slip in one sub-detail – Calcul d'Devis in a mode estimatif – Graphical view of the budgets of the study – Expense management projects – Management endorsements and / or additional work – Variant Management – Currency management – Management units of work – Storage offerings – Formatting the offer directly to the screen – Custom Editions – Full integration with Tiamp Site supervision – Document management associated – Scheduling.