Report of invoices by maturity.

Balance Agée

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Consultation and multi-criteria search (dates, diaries, amounts, lettering codes)

Aide a la declaration de TVA


Tables and Publishing aid the VAT return(S)

Saisie comptable


Accounting Tiamp with you naturally share the information produced by the other modules (projects, supplier and customer invoicing, etc.…). Based on the same basic information as the rest of our solution, you simply go to all data for efficient optimization of the analysis of your financial flows. More, Tiamp accounting standard has specific features related to the construction industry. You can then build your entire analytical directly through your sites and view in real time all your movements and statement aggregates.

For example, you can zoom in on your invoices from your accounting entries.
Finally Tiamp Accounting, like all Tiamp modules, has the same benefits of personalization.

Analyze your data in real time !

Directly from the invoice entry or customer invoice, You have the ability to automatically generate accounting entries with ventilation on the affected sites.
Tiamp also automatically generate entries (customizable) directly after the merger of your receipts without having accountancy.

Easily access your information

In Tiamp, Context menus are accessible from the right-click (customer, account, etc.…) providing quick access to information on the current action. Many multi-criteria searches and multi-level zoom is available for easy access to information.

Better efficiency !

Thanks to Many automatisms, you can concentrate on the essentials and simplify the daily management (automated lettering third-party accounts, management of subscription writings, automatic generation of supplier payments with print payment method, accounting and lettering).

Analysis of results

Tiamp directly offers all the analysis reports you may need (fog input, diaries, monthly balance of diaries, monthly balance of diaries, great analytical book, balance of centralizers accounts,, edition of the supplier frame, state bank reconciliation, operating income, etc.…).

Key Features

Recording accounting documents – Multi-management excercises – Multi newspapers – Financial and cost accounting – Managing multiple analytical axes – Management automatic entries – Rules and Automatic Lettering – Edition support the VAT return – Editions Grand Livre – Balance – Aged balance – Bank ETEBAC – Edition automatic checks – Management auxiliarization – Automated checks and closing of & rsquo; year.