Order book

Order book

The business calendar screen is the preferred interface for regular monitoring of your business. The engineering's Schedule screen offers a quick view of the desktop studies on all offers to study.

The project sheet concentrates on the essential informations of the customer relationship and provides a quick access to all your offerings (orders, customer markets, subcontractors markets, worksites and invoices). The identification of a project and / or an opportunity can be done by direct input in Tiamp, or from an external source. Tools such as the commercial calendar, the order book or planning the design office allow to view the activity of your company at one glance.

It is possible to enter several offers for the same project. Each offer can be broken down into several lots (Main, variants, etc.…). With WorkFlow, it is also possible to Notify responsible user 48 hours before a bid submission date (customizable).

Key Features

Opportunity Management – Logging information entered – Entering the backlog – Business calendar – Planning of engineering – Managing customer contracts and tenders – Commercial monitoring of the current offers – Alert deadline for response – Management types of tenders – Management of administrative documents – Management groups – Management of securities – Management holdbacks – Consolidation Multi agences.