• Logo Colas
    Rather installing a valid single integrated and modular management software for the entire structure, Colas adopted dedicated software (“ best of breed ”). All applications are built with the best package of each business or function. The Siroco application, developed under WINLOG, manages facilities. We routinely meet people from SAP or Oracle. But their offers are not enough dedicated to our business. In fact, the ERP system requires that the business adapts to its organization and operation. This not the good solution.
    – Yves Francois - DSI Colas
  • Logo Paris-ouest
    When choosing Tiamp, we enjoyed the greatest possible customization software. By setting, it is possible to adapt this tool completely the way we work. We wanted an "open" software, even if, we did not appeal to external service providers to set up the software, we appreciate this opportunity. The pricing method (license = a connected user) we will install the software on all our computers. At last, technologies on which works Tiamp have seemed modern and close to recognized standards.

  • Logo NG concept
    Assistant to the Owner and Prime Contractor for the FM LOGISTIC group (14 000 employees and 783 million turnover), NG CONCEPT chose WINLOG and IT tool @ MP as ERP to manage its sites around the world. This choice was motivated by the quality of the software (Multiple Langage, user, flexible database accessible from any country) and by the many benefits of this service provider (reactivity, adaptability of the team to operate our business, sized structure with a single contact, continuous monitoring during and after the implementation of the tool ...).
  • Logo ALM
    My past as a quantity surveyor subsidiary FOUGEROLLE group is used to keep me relatively complex management tools. To establish my business quotes, i use the module of a software package for large companies. It interests me especially for its data integration. All information entered once during the estimating serve me, won from the market, organize my purchases, plan my labor, follow my sites. They integrate my billing and my accounts!
    – Jean-Luc Lobrot - MANAGER OF THE COMPANY ALM