Congrés FFB I 14-15/06/2018

WINLOG et LSE PRESENTS AU CONGRES ANNUEL FFB 2018 Constructive exchange with the President of the French Building Federation Mr Jacques CHANUT.,,fr,software publisher specializing in construction In April,,fr,a publisher of ..,,fr,THE FIRST STEPS OF THE NEW SOFTWARE From there came the Tiamp project with the WinLog Company,,fr,Digitization in the #BTP we talk about,,fr,humourdumardi https,,fr,t.co/4JclgzQywi,,en,we must now master the digital "https,,fr,t.co/Q25XY1xlEK via @BFMBusiness Chez @WinLogBTP o… https,,en,t.co/wwV5a4bJYz,,en,@UMGOFFB @FFBatiment A beautiful moment spent with #grosoeuvre entrepreneurs during the business meetings of the ... https,,fr,t.co/Z5ej9hVo01,,en,RT @WinLogBTP,,en,@UMGOFFB ready for,,fr,eèmes meetings of the #grosoeuvre,,fr.

Communiqué I 15/06/2018

LSE GROUP RACHETE WINLOG, éditeur de logiciels spécialisé dans le BTP En avril 2018, la holding LSE group a racheté WinLog, un éditeur de...

UTB | 01/03/2010

LES PREMIERS PAS DU NOUVEAU PROGICIEL De là est né le projet Tiamp avec la Société WinLog, expert in the development of solutions for ...
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CSC | 18/11/2009

Eiffage GROUP – THE BUILDER CAN SEE BIGGER The redesign operis program Eiffage Group's information systems is announced ...
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01 Computer | 18/06/2009

COLAS FORME 7 000 EMPLOYEES IN PACKAGE SIROCO Colas decided to implement an ERP system to standardize all its processes ...
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01Net | 04/05/2007

COLAS SE CAST IN BUSINESS SOFTWARE Conclusion Yves François : "We routinely meet people from SAP or d & rsquo; Oracle. More ...
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The Monitor | 29/10/2004

MAKE YOUR QUOTE COMMERCIAL WEAPON Selling sheet is a document internal study for the company particularly ...
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The Monitor | 29/10/2004

MANAGING & rsquo; CASE: EASILY BUILD YOUR DECISION ! WinLog offers a new feature to its innovative ERP Tiamp ...
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The monitor | 12/12/2003

USE TO MANAGE DATA ESTIMATE NOW "My past of quantity surveyor in a subsidiary group of FOUGEROLLE make me keep ...
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Tp Echanges | 12/12/2003

WINLOG SA: FINALLY THE NEW WORLD OF COMPUTERS OF PUBLIC WORKS WinLog offers several application management input ...
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Tp Echanges | 12/12/2003

GLOBAL MANAGEMENT SOLUTION FOR BUSINESSES BTP 10 years & rsquo; experience in Public Works Department, customizable depending on ...
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The monitor | 21/11/2003

DDE THE CHARENTE OPERATES ITS DATA ON SITE The Provincial Directorate of the Charente equipment (DDE16) implemented, thanks ...